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Emily Williams Emily Williams 1355 Points

Hey there! I teach second grade in Middle Tennessee, and in my classrom, I get to teach my students all of the subjects.  We are used to and love doing small groups and stations for reading and math, but I am curious about trying to incorporate some science small groups and stations.  I have tried doing small groups with science and I love how deep the discussions can go when I am meeting with 5 of my students at a time and can try experiments or discrepant events with them. My question for science stations is:

If you have ever done science stations, what are some activities or things my students could be doing at stations when they are not meeting with me?

I have had ideas of things like STEM bins, reading informational texts, and using technology to research topics, but I am trying to branch out to really push my students to think like a scienctist and want the stations to connect to the things we are learning. Thank you so much for your suggestions! 

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