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Lessly Torres Lessly Torres 60 Points

My intrest is not in teaching all science when i become a teacher, i plan on teaching 2nd grade. I am aware that even then teachers must teach science, but my question is how well do studnets mange when trying there first experiment ever? They may have never been exposed to science and they may not even know what it is, is introducing such topic hardere for early lower leve teachers?

Katie Andrews Katie Andrews 610 Points

Hi Lessly!

I am also studying elementary education and have the same feelings as you! It is very nerve wracking! I think the best way when they are doing their first experiment is to show them as an entire class the way it is supposed to be done, so that they all have the same experience. This way when they do it by themselves, they know what the end result should be. Also, especially with the younger children, I think it is important to ease them into it. Start really simple and build up from there. Once you get to know your students, I am sure you will know what is best for them. 

Kelsey Funkhouser Kelsey Funkhouser 825 Points

Hello Lessly! I am also on my way to becoming a teacher and I sometimes feel nervous about teaching not only science but every subject. I think that we just have to feel confident about what we are teaching the students and when you have your own classroom the students will listen to you differently than they would if you were observing. I have heard from many teachers that it takes time to feel very comfortable in the classroom and teaching students. So I would not be nervous about introducing science to whatever grade you teach, if you have a prepared lesson plan you will be perfectly fine.

Jacqueline Venrick Jacqueline Venrick 370 Points

I am graduating this year with an Elementary Education P-5 Bachelor's degree. My concern was always that I am not very good in science and that I didn't want to mess up with my students. As an elementary teacher, science is more about learning the information. In my experience over the past four years, I have noticed that students don't do as many experiments as you would think in elementary. Also, when an experiment is done, they are done by the teacher and students just observe. Teachers can also play short clips or a video that is science related. 

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