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Jody Grandier jody grandier 1600 Points

I am a student at UMBC and have been given the fun but challenging assignment of planning a 2 week unit for science.  The fun and interesting part is it has to be big and it can be something you would never do in the classroom because it is too big or too expensive.  It's to get us thinking and really understand engaging the students and allowing them to explore.  I have so many ideas I want to do but can't really zero in on what I think will work and interests me.  I have one that is a garden plot growing veggies at a school riddled with poverty to provide them healthy food and also incorporate nutrition.  I also have an idea that involves visiting a river and engineering a tool to measure the dimensions and maybe testing the water for pollution and somehow incorporating the Chesapeake River into it. The lesson has to involve STEM by the way.  I was wondering if anyone had any ideas or thought on my ideas.  Thanks in advance for any feedback!!!!

Mary Bigelow Mary Bigelow 10275 Points

The Chesapeake Bay Foundation has many resources for teachers and classrooms that might fit into a two-week time frame: Mary B

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