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Camila Velez Camila Velez 285 Points

Ever since covid i know some school that still resort to virtual learning at times such as bad weather days and so on. How can you as a proffesional make lessons intresting for students while they are basically surrounded by distractions?! Its hard to keep the students focused in classrooms at times and i feel like the effect of virtual learning will really flect on test grades in the future. 

Elyse Juarez Elyse Juarez 725 Points

Great question! I think the best way to solve the problem with distractions is keeping students engaged through conversations. Asking questions throughout learning is always a great option. Another one could be during a reading, and you have students popcorn read. A few other ideas is that you can use chats to check for students understanding, and do a show-n-tell virtually! I hope these tips help!

Dylan Warren Dylan Warren 340 Points

Another great tool is to use Quizizz! You can upload a presentation where students have to answer in real-time and follow along with the presentation. Not only does is break up the class but allows you to check to understand continuously. The cite also allows you to set up a class game where students log on using a specific code. The game allows you to see how each student did, and the students love participating in healthy competition. Hope this helps! 

Leah Bassett Leah Bassett 20 Points

It can be indeed to be engaged if you study online. For me, it was very hard to get used to it, and it took me a while to adapt. But even now, I have some problems with it because I have a few online courses. But I'm sure it's possible, but it depends on the subject and professor of the course. For example, my literature professor organizes different interactive activities, small plays, quizzes, and so on. And even the homework is different, more interesting. For example, last week, we needed to write an essay on one of the most important issues and then show what we wrote about, but with no words. It was very interesting, but also complicated. Thankfully I found one website with different examples, where I found some writing ideas. And with that little play, I managed to do everything without help. I want to say that nowadays, there are so many resources that will help you to make the process easier and more interesting.

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