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I need a Nutrition Class Project... any ideas?

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Daliz Vasquez Daliz Vasquez 1455 Points

I am starting on a Nutrition Unit and would like the kids to complete a class project. I thought about having the class journal their food intake, amount of exercise, amount of sleep, and then create different bar graphs and then discuss their observations. However, I need something much shorter that they can complete and discuss during one class period. I look forward to any suggestions!

Lauren Bonnet Lauren Bonnet 16070 Points

With my class all the students are bringing in their favorite snack (that have a label), and comparing the labels with one another. We go over what each nutritional value is and explain the goods and bads of the snack they enjoy.

Carolyn Mohr Carolyn Mohr 92316 Points

Hi Daliz,
I noticed that some ideas have been already posted at the 'Nutrition' thread that you may have started earlier.
Also, have you checked out the Sci Pack on nutrition? It is an excellent way to review the basic concepts and often there are ideas embedded within the Science Objects that can be used as is or modified for classroom use.

Gary Kanamori Gary Kanamori 240 Points

I am starting on a Nutrition Unit and would like the kids to complete a class project. I Depending on the age of the students measuring daily food intake may be too complex. One idea I had with my students (Grade 4) was to have them bring their favorite snacks from home and share them with the class. We would then take an "in depth" look at their snack and compare it to a similar portion size of an healthier alternative. Good luck!

Justine Romito Justine Romito 1240 Points

Hi There, How about a food and nutrition workshop? I am a pre-service teacher, and I am currently creating a workshop with my colleagues. We have used the Food and Nutrition Foss Kit as a guide and resource. Workshops are a great way to create an active and rich learning experience for the students. The food and nutrition workshop has four stations: fat test, sugar test, vitamin-c test, and the free lunch menu. It is a great combination of content information that would be important for students to learn. The students will be learning about healthy food choices, and the reality of the nutrition of some common food items. Our workshop has been created for fifth grade, but it can be geared to a variety of grade levels. The workshop can be tailored to meet the needs of your students. Our workshop also includes literary connections, and technology. If you are interested in taking a look at Foss Web, just log onto the following link: Have fun creating an exciting food and nutrition project for your students!

Camerie Barrera Camerie Barrera 1025 Points

The nutrition SciPack is very helpful!!! Lots of resources for teaching about nutrition to children. I just taught a nutrition lesson today after I attended the nutrition SciPack! I wish you the best of luck!

Carolyn Mohr Carolyn Mohr 92316 Points

Hi Camerie, I noticed that you had commented about how helpful the Sci Pack on nutrition was. I wanted to make sure that you knew about the Sci Guide that goes with it. Sci Guides are bundles of resources including lesson plans and interactive sites to help teachers create units and lessons on the topic. Here is the link to the Nutrition Sci Guide for middle school.
Here is the K-4 Nutrition Sci Guide.
Here is the 9-12 Nutrition Sci Guide.

Carolyn Mohr Carolyn Mohr 92316 Points

Daliz, I am not sure what grade you teach, but I found a couple of journal articles with lesson plans that might be of use to you. One is called Big Macs and Healthy Teens? Exploring Fast Food as Part of a Healthy Adolescent Lifestyle
The other is for elementary students: Science Shorts: The Challenge of Nutrition.
I hope this helps.

Christopher Vallina Christopher Vallina 765 Points

The nutrition scipack will give you plenty of ideas on the matter but for simple ideas on nutrition projects, I would definitely have the student analyze the nutrition facts of their favorite foods and look up what each thing on the box means. This can demonstrate their understanding of how to look up information while learning about what they're eating. It's a good exercise for anyone and the students will love it.

Ryan Connors Ryan Connors 840 Points

Maybe you can go over the food pyramid and have them cut out pictures from magazines of the different types of foods. Then have them make a collogue on the different types of foods that you would find on the pyramid. Hope that helps!

Lolita Benitez Lolita Benitez 1580 Points

It is hard to find good hands on lessons for younger students that has to do with nutrition, but these are all great ideas!

Mariana Morales Mariana Morales 885 Points

Hello, I came across the NASA website and it has modules on how to train like an astronaut. This will show students real life application of nutrition. After all you can't be an astronaut without a good fitness and nutition plan. This will also show students how physical activity and nutrition affects the body. Another activity you could do is have the students create their own food plate. They would use MyPlate as their guidelines and pick the foods that they like. This will get the students thinking that healthy foods can also be the foods they like. you can also have the students present their plate. Here is a link so you can learn more about MyPlate.

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