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Daisy Machuca Daisy Machuca 510 Points

As many schools are now doing virtual learning, it may be difficult to perform a science experiment. Students are not able to participate as in a real classroom and I just wanted some ideas of what topics would be good to show students virtually. What would be a fun activity and easy to show, where the students can clearly see what’s happening and can engage throughout the experiment?

Lauryn Marquez Lauryn Marquez 250 Points

I think a good show to show the students is bill nye the science guy, I rememebr growing I use to love when the teacher would play his videos. And with the virtual learning parents and teacher have to get creative and make fun activites with things they have at home. 

Andrea Vazquez Andrea Vazquez 490 Points

Probably one where they can use things they have already lying around in their house, that way everyone is able to participate and follow along. I say one using dish soap and pepper, teaching them about how 'germs' work and with COVID it can help them understand why they should always wash their hands more often. This helps them learn about buoyancy and they will see how the pepper spreads away from their finger as they dip it into the dish soap first and then the water with pepper. 

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