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Covid lesson

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Paige Allen Paige Allen 490 Points

This daily do could be very useful in the beginnning of face to face teaching. Covid has become a way of life and this lesson is a quick way to introduce it in the classroom and teach a little bit about it. 

Ryan Dalton Ryan Dalton 310 Points

Hello! my name is Ryan Dalton and I'm a preservice biology teacher at Wartburg College. I think that this lesson should be used around the country. Teaching students how to interpret data is going to be a key part of bringing light to the importance of the covid pandemic and the pandemics ahead of us. There is too much stigma about false information from the scientific community regarding covid and it is mainly due to the fact that a lot of people don't know how to interpret the data correctly. Giving this lesson may help alleviate this misinformation and allow us to recover from pandemics like this easier. Thank you for sharing!

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