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Virtual Labs for Virtual Students

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Jessica Holmes Jessica Holmes 835 Points

Hey all,

Does anyone have some recommendations for fun virtual labs? I am teaching second-semester high school chemistry and we're just finishing up empirical and molecular formulas and getting ready to start stoichiometry. Unfortunately, because all my students are through Zoom right now, they're not getting that hands-on chemistry experience they need. Does anyone have some recommendations?

Emily Faulconer Emily Faulconer 5755 Points

ChemCollective is a good resource for stoichiometry: 

PhET has a simulation (not a lab activity):

Christy Pike Christy Pike 50 Points

My School purchased Pivot Interactives.  It is amazing!!

It is approximatley $5 per student which is not that expensive.  You can search the community resources for labs already made, create your own, or edit one that you found in the community resources page.  Pivot also has custom labs they created.

 Shelby Ruff 370 Points

You may be too far into stoich at this point, but you may be able to adapt some labs to kitchen materials. For limiting reactants you could have them make smores and determine what the limiting reactant, excess reactant, and theoretical yield are. Usually I do this with teddy grahams, mini marshmallows, and chocolate chips but you could also have them choose anything they have handy to demonstrate the concept. Since we're all masked up, I'm going to do something similar with nuts and bolts.


I've also heard about colleagues doing a lab live but with students instructing and asking questions. I think Paul Anderson of Bozeman Science posted about it last spring.

Jessica Holmes Jessica Holmes 835 Points

We actually just started stoich since we did solution chemistry first. This is a great idea! 

Elaine Lucas-Evans Elaine Lucas-Evans 295 Points

I agree with Emily...anything from Phet is a GREAT resource.

Additionally, looking at kitchen chemistry is a perfect suggestion. I have done a yeast lab with my 6th grade students (also part of a Chemistry unit) and we made whole wheat bread. We wouldn't have been able to do this as easily at school, so using my kitchen as a general setting for where chemical reactions happen worked well.

Fredi Klaus Fredi Klaus 20 Points

Oh, studying at zoom is now a problem for all educational institutions ..

Have you tried Labster Simulation Labs at I am not sure abotu pricing or if they have free access but they have very good modules that simulate hands-on experiments and provide conceptual background at the same time.

Otis Rothenberger Otis Rothenberger 20 Points

Our CheMagic website has a number of resources. The primary tool is a virtual molecular model kit that allows users to share a model kit via virtual connections (e.g. zoom). This kit also has a shared structure drawing tool (JSME). There are other chem demo and household chemical experiment  resources available, including a link to our YouTube channel. Our website is

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