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How do you review?

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Kyle Warner Kyle Warner 208 Points

What are some efficient ways to review the day before an exam with students?  I know that something like a review game is an option but if I continue to use that, will the students get bored of it?  Are there any specific ways that worked well in any experience anyone has had as a teacher?

Emily Faulconer Emily Faulconer 5215 Points

I like to give students options for review day. Some students enjoy gamification, so I prepare a jeopardy game or another activity for their review. Other students like to solve problems so I give them some extra practice problems and answer any questions and put them in a group so they can collaborate if they get stuck. Other students do well with a higher-level thinking task like creating a graphic organizer so I set up another group for those that wish to study in that manner. Another option is to have students write their own exam questions for practice and then trade questions. I think it depends on your grade level and your cohort ... 

Nicole Anthony Nicole Anthony 692 Points

I am currently a student teacher placed at STEM. I find that games are a great way for students to review the day before a test. Many of the students I had enjoyed healthy competition, they enjoyed using resources like quizzizz that allows them to compete with one another of speed and accuracy of answering questions correctly. One of the other tools we used was USA test prep as review for a test that also counted as extra credit, this helped the motivation of using test prep as this is not the most popular form of review among the students. 

Brittany Alao Brittany Alao 580 Points

Students will get bored with playing the same game over and over. I found that alternating between a few different games works. My go-to games are usually Kahoot and Quizlet Live. Some of the students told me about a game they played in another class, GimKit. They love it because it is in the form of trivia, but they are able to sabotage each others' devices as they get answers correct.

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