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Shalen Boyer Shalen Boyer 5580 Points

Has anyone utilized maglev projects in their classrooms? I'm thinking of having my 8th grade students complete an engineering project using maglev technology, and was wondering if anyone has any suggestions or advice.

Scott Gierasch Scott Gierasch 1415 Points

I'm not sure if you have see the journal article related to maglev trains. I hope I attached it properly to this post. It was from the Science & Children journal in March 2008. While the students in the article were younger than your students, I believe you could adapt the methods in the article for your students. The article even provides step by step instructions for groups of students to build their own maglev trains.


Can Trains Really Float? (Journal Article)

Shalen Boyer Shalen Boyer 5580 Points

I saw this article a few weeks ago. It does have some interesting content about Maglev. I ordered a kit from Pitsco science to try out. I'm hoping after looking at it I can figure out a way for my 8th graders to build one themselves. The kits can get kind of pricey when you have more than one class!

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