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Hello. Distance learning will be a challenge for many students this upcoming semester. School Districts are providing most students with the resources needed to succeed, but problems go beyond that. Many elementry students won't have their parents there with them because in many cases both parents work. Low socioeconomic backgrounds bring the most concerns when it comes to distance learning. My main question here is, will students be penalized for not completing assignments due to family issues? Is it fair that students that lack resources will be the most affectede? I agree safety is a top priority, but many students/families are against distance learning because it brings many concerns and issues. 

Yesenia Perez Yesenia Perez 505 Points

Hello, distance learning is something completely different for almost everyone, from students to teachers to parents, and even administration. Some students don't have the adequate devices which makes it challenging. I feel like most teachers are understanding in the fact that they understand that some students don't have the available resources or like you mentioned their parents aren't around due to work. Since distance learning is new for everyone, teachers should and probably are extending due dates and trying different approaches to help these students, like communicating with them at different times of the day when parents are available. Teachers are there to help the students out to the best of their abilities. 



Denise Wright Denise Wright 440 Points

Hi, yes, I am sure we will see issues with equity with distance learning. Especially if students live in a district where districts or internet cannot be provided.  When it comes to elementary students if teachers are flexible with due dates and do not deduct for late assignments/projects/work that is key. Teachers can utilize video and make sure that there is a variety of communication methods for parents/guardians. Keeping everyone safe and healthy is important.  Before the pandemic there were K12 virtual schools. 


Thanks, Denise Wright  

Yesenia Perez Yesenia Perez 505 Points

Hello, you mention that before the pandemic there were K12 virtual schools, can you let me know of some schools? This way I can see if they have some examples online of strategies for both teachers and students as they begin this new journey. Thank you.

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