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Eulalia Guillen Eulalia Guillen 200 Points

What are some ideas a parent can do science related activities with their children at home?

Gabe Kraljevic Gabe Kraljevic 4564 Points

Hello Eulalia,

This may be a little late - but I posted a reply to a similar question in the forums:

Hope this helps,


Madison Taylor Madison Taylor 935 Points

I love the simple home experiments that make science fun for both children and their parents like Mentos and Coke or layering different liquids with different densities in a bottle.

Jazmin Rutz JAZMIN RUIZ 180 Points

-Reading Science Books

-Watching Science related movies or videos

-Relate a vacation with Science (zoo, beach, mountains)

-Gardening together


Amanda Robin amanda robin 1395 Points

Cooking!! Lots of matter happening then. Things change from solids to liquids.  All types of fun things! 

Yaima Rodriguez Yaima Rodriguez 600 Points

Hi Eulalia,

I think it’s very important for parents to be involve with student science activities. Activities range by age. One good activity that can be done will be planting a lima bean. I will be providing a link below

In addition, I will be providing another link

Kaitlyn Howard Kaitlyn Howard 1010 Points

Experiments at home that are simple, but the kids still learn are great. Something simple like planting a flower in an inside pot and watering, making sure it gets sunlight, watching it grow, is a great science experiment to do. You can also plant a garden outside of your home, and teach the children how to take care of the garden. You can talk about each vegtable you are growing, and learn facts about them, while taking care of them daily. 

Doing science experiments at home with parents can be a fun way for students to get engage. Some experiments can be: Planting a flower or bean, mentos and diet coke experiment, making a volcano,and so much more. 


Olivia Dumit Olivia Dumit 440 Points

Gardening is a great way to incorporate science at home. You can also track the temperature and record it everyday and discuss the weather.

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