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Vanessa Fragiacomo Vanessa Fragiacomo 3620 Points

Hello everyone! My name is Vanessa and I am a future elementary school teacher. I wanted to share a fun experiment that a classmate and I did in our Teaching Science course. We decided to teach about erosion by putting M&M's candy in water, and observing what would happen to the candy with water movement and without it. The students were able to observe that movement of water did work faster on the candy, demonstrating that such factor is key in erosion of rocks.  Once we finished our experiment, our professor told us that we could try putting all the different colors of candy in a circle, and by wetting them with water we created a color wheel. That is where I came up with the idea of actually drawing by creating M&M's patterns and then pouring a little water on them. Once finished, a picture of it should be taken to capture the masterpiece. In this way, students could create neat art projects and also go over the science concept of erosion. Here you go, art & science for you! Thanks for passing by, Vanessa Fragiacomo

Joselyn Hermoso Joselyn Hermoso 785 Points

Hello! That's great to know your students were into M&M Activity. I think it would be a great activity for water properties? I used M& M before to introduce the Scientific Method at the start of the school year. Thanks for the input! Joselyn

Kelsey Ettleman Kelsey Ettleman 3729 Points

Vanessa- I love doing cross-curricular lessons! I have never given much thought to combining science and art together! After reading your post I think this is an amazing idea! I am also a future elementary school teacher and I am currently working on a science unit for a class right now. I am inspired by your experiment and now hope to work to integrate some art into my science unit. Integrating art will help bring some creativity into my unit! Thank you for sharing your idea!

Isabel Choe Isabel Choe 165 Points

Hi Vanessa! I think it's great that you combined art with science. Both subjects allow you to be hands-on while learning content, which is beneficial to students who learn best that way. Using M&M's in water to teach your students about erosion, the color wheel, and patterns is a great idea! I might have to use this in my future classroom! Thanks for sharing!

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