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Best way to introduce science to Elementary Students

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Sonia Garcia Sonia Garcia 320 Points

What is the best way to introduce science to Elementary students, mostly PreK students? What subject from Science should one start with?

Mary Lynn Hess Mary Hess 12358 Points


When students are young, they need to discover their world. Take them outside to see what happens: listen to their conversations, watch what they are drawn to, and see how they interact with others. Sometimes science does not have to be a planned lesson. 

Ariel Reno-Demick Ariel Reno-Demick 1005 Points

Kids have such a natural curiosity about the world around them. I like telling them that science is how we figure out how things work and then let them ask the questions.

Differ Learnmore Differ Learnmore 20 Points

What Sonia said is true, life sience is different than physical science and it's discussed in details in this post.

Gracie Epps Gracie Epps 455 Points

Hey, so I believe the best way to introduce students to science is by relating it to them and why it is relevant for them. I also think having the students involved when you introduce the lesson is also really good. Allowing the students to either be hands on or particpating is very important when introducing the lesson and gaining their attention. For example, today we learned about shadows. To introduce this lesson, we could have went outside and seen our shadows and moved around to watch how our shadows changed. This introduced the students to shadows and gained their attention. 

Bo Batka Bo 10 Points

I completely agree with Gracie Epps Sonic exe. Science for elementary school students can be something extremely abstract. They will only understand when they practice and see with real eyes. However, that is only part of the understanding. Because they are too young, they cannot understand 100% even with practice. But to be able to try to teach them more or less through practice is already an effective step.

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