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Parts of the Ear Review

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Nicholas Battelini Nicholas Battelini 3810 Points

Hello all. I am a student teacher in SC and my coaching teacher has asked me do a review of the parts of the ear. She also wants me to do something with tuning forks, but I think I've got that covered. Does anybody have any cool activities to review this?

Hi Nicolas,

You did not mention what grade level you are student teaching in but if it is with teenagers you might want to approach this topic with ways loud sounds impact their hearing. The activity was developed by Dr Roberston of the Stop Faking It series so you know it will be engaging for your students.

Science 101: How does loud noise affect hearing?

Here is a review about this activity

What a great way to learn about how humans hear sound. This article starts with a simple doable experiment to explain a point and then the reader dives into an understanding of the parts of an ear and how they work together to let us hear sounds around us. The discussion also includes ear buds which young people seem so attached to all the time. This is great article and a must read.

So how does this 'sound ' to you ?

Mollie Cox Mollie Cox 1735 Points

You should find a song on youtube that helps the students remember the parts of the ear. They have lots of songs on youtube that go along with memorizing certain things. Last semester we used a youtube video on how to learn the name of the continents in my student teaching class. It was a very catchy song and I will use it when I have my own class.

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