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Melissa Garcia Melissa Garcia 420 Points

Hello everyone! I am currently enrolled for a class in my university and my professor asked us to join this website and ask a question. Honestly I am glad she did because I am liking this website. Also, my question is, for the people who are teaching this year, what do you think of having to teach virtually? I know there is a huge difference from teaching virtually and teaching in person, but I want to hear your perspectives. Also, do you guys have any advice for future teachers?

Alexandria Monahan Alexandria Monahan 190 Points

Hello! I am a fourth-year Elementary Education major and I have a sister who is also an educator! While she is still able to see her students daily, her educator friends are not so lucky. One thing that they have been focusing is trying to connect with their students through the screen. While this can be tricky, they have been creating small activities that let the students see if they anything in common with their peers or with the teacher. The activities range from show and tells to allowing the students show their families and pets off at the beginning of the school day.


I am so glad that you asked this question as I am going to be student teaching next semester. It is nice to know what other teachers are doing so that you can try and incorporate it yourself!


Hope you find the advice that you are looking for!


Lexi Monahan

Rebecca Sauls Rebecca Sauls 70 Points

Hey Melissa,

I am not an educator yet but I have worked in the school system for 13 years now and a Supplemental Service Provider for our Migrant Students.  It has been quite challenging to make sure that all of my students are able to have the resources at home to be a successful virtual learner.  I would meet with them in addition to their daily log on times to help them with any questions they may have from the lesson that day.  This has been a very interesting venture because I am not only helping my students but the adult that is with them is also getting daily educational help. I have had one particular parent that has learned quite a bit of English since the start of school thanks to our virtual classes.  I have heard some issues that other educators are having with students not participating but I am having success. 

Rebecca Sauls

Colquitt County Migrant Education Program

Alma Carrillo Alma Carrillo 180 Points

I am not a teacher yet, but my husband has been teaching virtually for two weeks now at IDEA and I am not crazy about it. I believe it doesn't have the same effect of being with the teacher in the classroom monitored and taught one on one out of the comfortable home. Even for us older students it is a lil tough to concentrate at home. 

Alma Carrillo

Anne Lowry Anne Lowry 6790 Points

Teaching virtually is a little different.  If you are going to be doing a lot, I recommend the webinar series offered by NSTA:  • Distance-Learning Strategies that Support Student Sensemaking.  It's tech heavy, but offers lots of good practical suggestions for creating community norms and managing a class online


Aida Nichols Aida Nichols 1130 Points

Hello there! This is my second year teaching preschool three's. I love my job and my students. I have four students in the classroom and two virtual learners. Virtual teaching and learning are not ideal for early childhood in my opinion because it goes against everything have learned about early childhood and best developmental and appropriate practices. Nevertheless, I have had to adjust and reinvent the wheel in some instances. My virtual learners log in for circle time every day since a lot of learning happens at that time. I have a binder with all the curriculum skills and the students have a schedule every week that guides the parents. I also work one on one with my virtual learners once a week. I rather have all my students in the classroom, but I understand that parents need to do what is best for their families. I do not like virtual teaching!

Madeline Henderson Madeline Henderson 240 Points

Virtually learning is convenient in the aspect of not having to commute to class or wear a mask at home to stay safe. It can be difficult for students who do not have the adequate resources, such as WiFi and guardians to help, to stay connected and motivated to learn. 

Janeth Rios Janeth Rios 340 Points

It is important to consider that not everyone has the adequate resources to attened and gain from virtuall learning courses. Unfourtantely I've noticed many educator's tend to forget or disregard this. I believe it has to do with the fact that educators' themselves are overwhelmed with the new "norm" of education. 

Madison Meyers Madison Meyers 740 Points


I am not a teahcer yet but my Mom is an early childhood teacher and works with the threes. From the conversations we have had and from what I have observed, virtual learning for students at this age is not ideal. It is a situation where the parents have to be present 100% of the time in order to have the kids stay by the screen and pay attention. And even then it is hard for the parents to keep their kids engaged. Early childhood has been ver difficult to naviagte during this pandemic but I have seen teachers do their best to try and keep students engaged through a screen! 

Kaydee Sparks Kaydee Sparks 1021 Points

Hello there! 

I am not a teacher yet, however, my mom is a teaching assistant and her students are virtual. She says it is much different than having the students in the classroom. Teachers are spending most of their time dealing with technical difficulties so far, rather then the content. It is also difficult to montior students as well when they are not in the classroom to observe. 

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