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Water Lesson for 1st Grade

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Danielle Cavazos Danielle Cavazos 450 Points

Hello! I recently created and taught a water 5E lesson in a 1st grade classroom I am student teaching in. I wanted to share it with everybody because my students really enjoyed it and I would love to help anyone who is looking for a lesson to do over water. 

Engagement - I demonstrated a tabletop waterfall in front of the entire classroom. 
Explore - I placed a picture of a body of water on each groups table. There were a total of 6 different bodies of water. The students were given an observation sheet, that I created myself, to write down what they see in each picture. The students were grouped into 4-5 people and switched to the next table/picture after 1 minute. 
Explain - I showed students a video explaining the different bodies of water on YouTube. I also read aloud a couple of pages about water from the National Geographic book Land and Water by Chris Siegel. 
Explore - I placed different pictures of bodies of water on the students' tables. The students were given play-doh and a paper plate to create the body of water that was on their picture card. 
Evaluate - I gave the students an exit ticket that required them to match the correct name to the body of water.  

My students loved this lesson and were engaged the whole time! If you would like a more detailed outline of this lesson I will be glad to give it out!

Bailey Schalk Bailey Schalk 205 Points

This is such a creative activity for students! I loved how you organized the lesson into the 'explore' and 'explain' steps that help students grasp the concepts they are learning from the activities they are engaging in. This lesson keeps students active, but I would add having the students present their creations of water to the class to help practice the skills of talking through what they have made and why.

Jannet Garnica Jannet Garnica 780 Points

Hello Danielle, I really like your 5E lesson. It sounds like it went great and I can see why all of your students were engaged. I would love to get a more detailed outlined of your lesson. Thank you, Jannet Garnica

Your lesson is very interactive and involved with a lot of hands on activities perfect for students who are visual learners. Using the clay to demonstrate their knowledge is a great idea that lets the students have fun while you assess their understanding of the lesson. Putting the students into groups probably made them feel comfortable and ready to learn. 

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