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Including cultures in science

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Jennifer Hernandez Jennifer Hernandez 930 Points

Hey everyone, I am a preservice teacher at UTRGV. Many of my professors talk about including students backgrounds and culture in lessons but how exactly do you do that as a science teacher? I would love to hear what you guys have done in your classrooms! 

Hello Jennifer, I too am a preservice teacher at UTRGV! Although I still haven't been able to implement this in a classroom, I believe you can include students' culture within the lessons by finding ways to connect a specific science topic to a tradition they partake in their culture. An example of this could be teaching Magnetic Energy by connecting it to Loteria. I feel like at some point in our lives, we have seen someone use those large magnet wands to pick up their Loteria chips while playing Loteria and I am sure the students have too. This way, we can take that connection we made from a game we all know and love to play with family and friends to help the students better understand Magnetic Energy. [:

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