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Melanie Vibar Melanie Vibar 835 Points

Hi everyone! I am interested in teaching a Special Education classroom and I was wondering if anyone has suggestions on different experiments or hands-on activities I can do in the future with Elementary Special Education students. 

Jane Mendez Jane Mendez 2840 Points

Hi! My name is Jane Mendez and I am a student teacher for Florida International University.  I think that the experiments you may be able to conduct with special needs students depend on their disorder and level of comprehension. However, I think NGSS and pinterest are great resources for searching for adequate experiments for special needs students. Also, maybe consult with a science teacher at your field school and inquire their opinion on experiments they think you would be able to conduct with the class. Best of luck in the future!  

Olivia Yoo Ji Hyun Yoo 805 Points

Here is a lesson plan I made up as an assignment for one of my special education classes.


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