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Kindergarten Activities Inside the Classroom

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Eleazar Zuniga Eleazar Zuniga 340 Points

What are some unique science kindergarten activities I can implement in my classroom?

Katiana Munro Katiana Munro 190 Points

There are so many different unique science kindergarten activities out there, i found one great activity on it was called "Make a Soda Bottle Green House. Its a hands on activity the students are learning what it takes to fosterseedlings into full grown plants. The'll be able to see roots spreading, leaves sprouting and flowers blooming all in a soda bottle.

Karina Herrera Karina Herrera 485 Points

Hello there Eleazar! How exciting to be teaching a kindergarten class! Kindergarten is definitely one important grade where students learn many new skills that they will later expand on throughout their life. I myself am a student teacher at the moment, and I am really excited for my career as an educator. For that reason, I do not have much experience with creating activities, however I have read on other post who suggested links with resources resources and tips that I would like to share with you. One main tip that I frequently saw was incorporating songs related to the topic being presented to students. Teaching students a song can be engaging and educational for them, and can be an activity if you incorporate props or instruments. Additionally, below I will leave some links that hopefully are helpful! Best of luck![]=science%20activities%20for%20kindergarten%7Ctyped

Katherine Gonzalez Katherine Gonzalez 145 Points


I actually enjoy making slime with my students. This video shows different ways to make slime wit simple ingredients. 

I plan to incorporate these ideas with my students.

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