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Victoria Krauss Victoria Krauss 1605 Points

Hello! My name is Victoria, I am a prospective teacher at UMBC and I have been assigned a project to do a ten day lesson plan. I want to do my project on the urban habitat, such as the interactions between wildlife and civilization in cities. I have gathered a few resources but was wondering if there were other resources I could look at? I am open to any and all suggestions. Thanks! This is the collection of resources I have so far. 

Urban Habitat Project Ideas Collection (8 items)

Dear Victoria I recommend to you the I-Naturalist repository (inaturalist.org) and the Encyclopedia of Life (eol.org). These two web pages, although they are different institutions, the two complement each other. With EOL, you can create collections of living things of any kind, and since it works almost like a wiki, every specimen that you collect in your lists is brought to it with all its metadata -media, distribution, common and scientific names, conservation state, usage, among many other important details-. You can also be part of communities of interest, either already created or that you start. I-Naturalist, on the other hand, works as your own observation repository. You take a picture of an specimen and then you upload it in the platform; once in, a community of experts help you with the identification process. You can administer your observations lists, you can also create projects, in which others can join you, and add efforts to make collections regarding a given place. You can also create field guides, either with the default pictures offered by the platform, or with your own pictures. These two platforms are ideal to conduct activities regarding urban ecology, and then your work might help other, as it remains available for a community with common interests. I am sharing with you the field guide -The Manga's park plants- that I created this week to work with my fellow colleague teachers in a workshop regarding urban environmental education . https://www.inaturalist.org/guides/6158

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