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Martha Rosales Martha Rosales 910 Points

I'm getting ready to apply for student teaching, and I'm nervous because I'm not sure what to expect. I'm trying to connect with teachers or students who have gone through it in order to obtain information Did you get to choose your grade level or teacher? What can I expect?

Shelley Bronson Shelley Bronson 1110 Points

Martha, I'm currently attending Voorhee's University obtaining my master's degree in elementary education. I statred my teacher residencey Aug 8th and I must say so far so good it's such a learning process and the knowledge, hands on experience and strategies will last a lifetime. In and out of the classroom I'm in a 3rd grade class my teacher teaches math/science we switch classes mid afternoon. Right now im just observing, assist students, takemy students to related arts, lunch and recess. Also, I'm learning about assessments (formative) and what to do with the data and how it will improve my future instruction. I'm grateful to have this experience before I get my own classroom. I did not choose my teacher or grade level my program has certain criteria for teachers in order for me to co-teach. So, basically they choose my placement however your prgram may have different criteria. Don't be nervous the kids will sense that just be you and you will be fine!!!! Hope this helps. 

Christie Chow Christie Chow 580 Points

Hi Martha! I am doing my student teaching through the University of Georgia's MAT program. For practicum, 'baby student teaching' as our mentor teacher called it, we did not choose our school or teacher, but I think it's all up to the program you decide to do it through. Our more involved student teaching placement is influenced by our choice of grade level. If you don't connect well with your teacher, I believe that your program coordinator would definitely help you through it or potentially switch your placement. So far, I have been at my high school placement for about one month, and it really is a great learning experience. You won't just be thrown into the fire and asked to lead a class by yourself--it's at your comfort level. Getting in front of the students for the first time made me really nervous, but it gets easier. Turn your nervousness into excitement and try to learn as much as you can! I recommend asking if you can observe other teachers that your mentor teacher recommends so you can experience as much as possible. Also, one thing that made me smile was asking students to provide anonymous (they could write their names on it if they wanted, so you can remember them) feedback for your lesson, and they're just so sweet! Good luck, you'll do great!!

Kiundra Thomas Kiundra Thomas 240 Points

Well, I didn't do student teaching yet but I have done observations and with that, I was able to choose the grade level and the teachers I worked with.

Jacqueline Banda Jacqueline Banda 680 Points

Hi! I am aslo preparing for observation hours and every district or university is different, but for me they let us choose the district and then they assigned us a campus within that district. We then were assigned the rest. It is the perfect opportunity to get to know the teachers and get expirience.

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