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Wendy Goldfein Wendy Goldfein 2335 Points

Familiar with Pinterest? It is a goldmine of ideas for many topics including STEM and engineering. Our Get Caught Engineering boards have over 6000 followers who are scooping up ideas from close to 5000 pins on our 12 boards. We invite you to check it out as you prepare for the new school year. But be forewarned is easy to get obsessed and spend hours gathering resources. So pull up a chair, get a cup of tea, and enjoy the inspiration you will find for your STEM classroom Wendy and Cheryl Get Caught

Tiffany Cook Tiffany Cook 1280 Points

This is a great Pinterest Board! I was just going through some of the boards and noticed that you categorized the boards according to topic and some according to grade level. Are all of these boards shared boards (so that any Pinterest user can post)? The boards here hold thousands of resources that can be useful for integrating STEM in curriculum and make learning STEM fun inside and outside of the classroom. I just followed all boards :)

Cinthia Rodriguez Cinthia Rodriguez 4505 Points

Thanks for posting, very helpful.

Paige Sydoruk Paige Dydoruk 910 Points

Thanks so much! I find great resources for STEM on Pinterest! Sometimes their activities are at a more elementary level than I would like (I teach middle school), but they can be adjusted to any level!

Jennifer Oh Jennifer Oh 2540 Points

Following! I love finding new ways to implement STEM into my lessons!

Amber Baaso Amber Baaso 455 Points

Thank you for this information. I have not even thought to check Pinterest for STEM ideas. Can't wait to get started!

Robin Willig Robin Willig 5625 Points

Love it! Thanks!!

Lisa Marks Lisa Marks 875 Points

The other site that has a lot of great ideas is

Tracey Williams Tracey Williams 1750 Points

Thank you for all the well organized information!

Stevara Clinton Stevara Clinton 1125 Points

Wow! thanks for posting. I love Pintrest.

Jamie Wilder Jamie Wilder 1315 Points

Thank you so much for sharing this! I love pinterest and I'm aspiring to become a teacher. I am in school now and so close to finishing! It is my goal these last few semester in college to collect all the resources I can so I can be the most prepared I can be to enter into my own classroom and have great resources to turn to. I will definitely be following this pinterest page and I can see myself referring to it many times in my near future.

Robin Lee Robin LEE 775 Points

Thank you so much for sharing this! Do you make your stem projects as on going project based learning? I am not sure as to how to continue to align it to the common core standards. Robin Lee

Wendy Goldfein Wendy Goldfein 2335 Points

We are in the state of Virginia which does not participate in Common Core. But we have done PBLs in our classroom and have always incorporated engineering lessons into the projects. We use an engineering design process student notebook that allows us to integrate reading and writing into the activity. We also integrate engineering into history and literature in addition to science and math. We will be doing a workshop on integrating fairy tales and engineering called "Enchanted Engineering" at the NSTA regional conference in Richmond this month. We have a blog on our website with lots of ideas that might help too. Wendy:)

Robin Lee Robin Lee 775 Points

Wendy, Thanks for the speedy response! I'm excited to gather some insights from the blog.. Thank you again! Robin

Lisa Marks Lisa Marks 875 Points

The enchanted engineering looks interesting. Have you used it yet?

Amber Chambers Amber Chambers 2375 Points

Thank you for these precious resources! I am so excited to get in the classroom and try some of these! I am currently a Senior Undergrad for Education and have seen limited Science Teaching done in the classroom setting during my observations, but looking through your Pinterest account I can better see how to teach Science to make it engaging.

Sue Garcia Sue Garcia 42675 Points

I have just been asked by some fellow teachers to start looking for STEM have just saved me HOUR!!! Thank You!

Jaclyn St. Armand Jaclyn St. Armand 2840 Points

Hello Wendy, I am a Pinterest fan as well, so I checked out your page. I have to say I am impressed. You have to be careful when using teaching ideas from pinterest, I always try to make sure that the ideas/projects are actually useful to what students are learning and not just "cute". Anyways i especially loved the "Bobbing for Apples with STEM" project. This would be great to do at a class Halloween party. It caters to a wide grade range as well. Students need to engineer a devise that will grab the apples out of the tub of water in the least amount of time, and they may only use materials they are given. I plan to suggest this idea to my mentor teacher. Hopefully we can do this at our Halloween Party. I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks for sharing! Jaclyn

Lolita Benitez Lolita Benitez 1580 Points

Thank you for posting! Very useful! Pinterest always has great ideas!!

Kandida Brooks Kandida Brooks 1225 Points

Thank you for sharing this wonderful resource! I am currently a student teacher and we have to do a stem project and this will help!

Joni Ingram Joni Ingram 1705 Points

I love Pinterest and got started on the site because one of my graduate school professors at UGA used the site for her gifted and creative education classes. She would start a board on a topic, and we would post pictures and notes. I thought that was a very creative way for us to interact with each other using Pinterest. I also use my page to gather information on incorporating Art into Science and Nature.


My boards:

Berenice Deleon Berenice Deleon 1395 Points

Love the example it is great!

Lauren Jackson Lauren Jackson 905 Points

Thank you for this information. I look forward to using this in the further!

Ana Vargas Ana Vargas 1165 Points

Thank you for this information. Good ideas.

Jessica Dupaix Jessica Dupaix 2960 Points

This is a great resource that I will add to my science board!

Kim Bautista Kim Bautista 950 Points

Excellent resource. I love Pinterest!!!

Lisette Gallegos Lisette Gallegos 1345 Points

I enjoyed learning from this! Thanks!

Monica Bertolino Monica Bertolino 450 Points

Thanks for the link. I teach third grade, and I am glad to see so many elementary level STEM resources. My grade level has had difficulty finding a variety of activities to use.

Susan O'Brien Susan O'Brien 1870 Points

I just took a peak at the board. I will go there soon to grab some new resources. Thanks for sharing.

Susan O'Brien Susan O'Brien 1870 Points

I just put a link to that site on my board. Thank you

Lucerito Gutierrez Lucerito Gutierrez 2445 Points

Thank you for sharing! I am a big fan of Pinterest and I am always looking for new ideas. I love how these boards are organized and full of great resources. I will definitely follow.

Rebecca Chun rebecca chun 940 Points

Thank you so much for giving me ideas to implement in my classroom! I believe STEM is important in the elementary schools. These students will sure to be more engaged and allow more hands-on investigation.

Reenee Palacios Reenee Palacios 1135 Points

Thanks for the link!

Julie Niemzyk Julie Niemzyk 690 Points

Hi there, This Pinterest site is an AMAZING resource! I am currently a pre-service elementary teacher enrolled in a science methods course and I am gaining a true love for science, espically STEM. The pins on this board are from very credible sources and I have used several of these ideas for the lessons I have written. Thanks for the amazing resources found on this Pinterest page! Ps. I especially love the board titled "STEAM". STEAM is a new concept for me and I am so excited to look though this board and get ideas to teach science in my future classroom. - Julie Niemzyk

Samantha Coyle Samantha Coyle 2245 Points

What is STEAM? I am unfamiliar with the A.

Rafael Pouso Rafael Pouso 1435 Points

This is great I always have a hard time finding resourceful ways that I can use in the classroom and make the activities fun. However, I know how Pinterest has lots of ideas thank you for sharing.

Shohani Islam Shohani Islam 1155 Points

I am a big fan of Pinterest. This board will come in handy. Thanks!

Kimberly McNorton Kimberly McNorton 845 Points

I love the Pinterest boards. I am going to use some of the stem projects the first week of school. I believe it will help my students work better collaboratively.

Madison Cunningham Madison Cunningham 230 Points

I love that Pinterest is such a great resource for finding lessons and tools for teaching science. Pinterest is awesome for that! You can find lots of different activities for a range of grades and skill levels in the classroom.

Stephanie Romano Stephanie Romano 1345 Points

I am originally from Virginia but I am getting my degree in Maryland. I have learned all about the common core which Virginia does not use. It is actually banned in the state of Virginia. I plan on going back to Virginia to teach and stumbled upon a board about from the link provided. It is called Virginia teaching resources. It was full of so many fun interactive activities that I could see myself using in my classroom. This board primarily has social studies activities but I could see myself using the "Charts, Graphs, and Giraffe" lesson in science. It includes many lessons about graphs which are frequently used in science activities. I really enjoyed the cute worksheets as well as the incorporation of the giraffe.

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