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Noah Christians Noah Christians 320 Points

Hello Everyone, 

My name is Noah Christians and I am a preservice teacher from Wartburg College. As COVID-19 cases are on the rise again, and many schools that were face to face are switching to online/remote learning, I'm curious to hear some thoughts from the community on ways to ensure proper classroom management skills over a distance learning format.

Ashlee Metts Ashlee Metts 855 Points

Hello Noah,
I am a teacher candidate and doing my field experience now. Every school and teacher are different. The school that I am placed at the students are on a hybrid model. Two days in person school and then two days online. It seems that the days the students are at in person school the teachers are trying to play catch up and get the students to work on missed e-learning assignments. The teacher I am with tells the students that their e-learning is just as important as in person school. The students are given review material for learning. Most of the students have missing work. 
I got the pleasure of helping my little cousin who is in a different school district with one of her e-learning days. This was totally different. The students had to be on zoom at 5 certain times for 45 mins and then had time for independent work. The students had a list of procedures. If the students misbehaved the teacher took away behavior points. It was a third-grade class. This teacher had time in person to lay out her expectations and it worked well. 
I am guessing that every school and teacher is going to have a different policy and response as to how they work their classroom management online.
I too am curious to see other educator’s responses. 

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