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Jessica Lee Jessica Lee 555 Points

I have a 3D printer in my classroom.  I always introduce and apply the engineering process with my students while they use Tinkercad.  They always design the traditional bubble wand, but wanted to see if anyone here has any fresh ideas.  I belong to some elementary 3D printing groups on Facebook, but they are not posted on often, and I rarely get replies.  Any help or advice would be great!

Elizabeth Inselmann Elizabeth Inselmann 1395 Points

Hi Jessica, 

  My name is Lizzy Inselmann I am a third-year elementary education major. I do not have a 3D printer so I do not quite know how they work. But I have seen people make different internal organs with them like hearts. I think you could have students think about something they need in the classroom like a pencil holder or a fun desk decoration. Then they could try and design their idea. You can also recycle the filament if you are concerned about wasting it. 

Hope this helps, 

Lizzy Inselman 

Wartburg College 2023

James Andrews James Andrews 60 Points

I don't have a 3d printer ( sorry

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