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Kaydee Sparks Kaydee Sparks 1031 Points

Hello everyone! 

I am a junior in college and have recently started teaching lessons. I just taught a lesson on kinetic energy and used an exit ticket as my summative assessment. I was wondering what everyone uses to assess their students?

Thank you!

Makayla Schluter Makayla Schluter 515 Points

Hi Kaydee! I am also a pre-service teacher and I am very interested in different forms of assessment as well. In my lesson plans, I have included exit tickets as well. I think these are great forms of assessment and have less of a negative connotation that students may associate with tests or quizzes. I don’t know if you’re asking specifically about summative types of assessment, but in that case I would say you can also use project-based assessment. We just used Flipgrid in our class and I think it would be a fun way to assess students’ learning. You could have students film a quick video on their device, describing some aspect of your lesson or demonstrating their knowledge however you choose. They upload their video and then you and the rest of the class can watch each other's videos. It is also a great way for students to learn from each other. In regard to project-based assessment, I would also encourage different modes of demonstration of knowledge. We talk a lot about differentiation and I would say that if you keep all the criteria that you are assessing the same, you could still have some students choose to do a video, a powerpoint or writing assignment. The most important thing about assessment is that you are able to assess what students know. It is simply a demonstration of knowledge.

Additionally I know that a lot of teachers also use Kahoot for formative assessment. I have some reservations about this particular application. First, there is the time component. Some students do not perform well under time constraints. Being slower to tap a button in response or consider your answer does not mean you are any less intelligent. Also, I don’t like that other students can see other students’ scores. If I were to use Kahoot for a formative assessment, I would give students code names that only the student and I would know. 

Finally, I would say another acceptable form of assessment that I imagine is used quite often in this time of remote learning is Google Forms or Survey Monkey. I am more familiar with Google Forms and would say it is a great way to send out either summative or formative types of assessment. You can have multiple choice questions or short answers, even including images and videos. If you set it up in quiz mode, it can also be automatically graded for you and students can receive instant feedback.

I hope these few suggestions were helpful! I hope to learn more about assessment from others through this thread. 

Thank you,


3rd Year Elementary Education Major



Katelyn Hansen Katelyn Hansen 1330 Points

You could use science journals to track their knowledge of Kinetic Energy! Science journals allow for students to individually perform and create in their journals, the teacher can gather information about each type of student. 

Aida Nichols Aida Nichols 1250 Points

Hi Kaydee!

What age group do you teach?


Kaydee Sparks Kaydee Sparks 1031 Points

I am working with 1st graders!

Aida Nichols Aida Nichols 1250 Points

Exit tickets sound like a great idea. I was also thinking of group discussions and adding some hands-on activities that help reinforce what they have learned and also help them remember the material. They can act out words for ELA, hop, for math use manipulatives, experiments or hands-on for Science, etc. It can help all kinds of learners.



Ashtin Schnell Ashtin Schnell 1820 Points

Group Project based assesments are always fun for the kids too, and a great way to assess the students learning and get that grade in!

Natalia Rosas Natalia Rosas 225 Points

Hi Kaydee! 

While I am not a teacher yet, I am a senior Elementary Education Major and have taught many lessons at this point in my academic career. I usually use a worksheet where the students work individually as my summative assessment at the end of lessons. 

Hope this helps you out!


Khadejia Yousuf Khadejia Yousuf 855 Points


I am currently a junior is college and I always need help coming up with assesments for my lesson plans, I liked the idea that someone posted stating to keeo a sceince jorunal and have students write what they learned throughout the lesson and their data so they can always look back on it. That is a great idea and idea I often use us Kahoot, that is an online game where teachers come up with questions and students answer using there computers. It is a really fun and interactive way for students to understand the lesson. 

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