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Shmouni Danha Shmouni Danha 1635 Points

In Gupta's "Assessments as Learning," Performance Based Assessments (PBA) were introduced, which I have not had any experience with (yet!). Has anyone included this type of learning into their science classrooms? Gupta says that it is easy to incorporate in chemistry, but I am interested in including it in biology classrooms. I am not currently teaching, but am looking for different approaches to use in my future classrooms to keep students interested in science and wanting to come to class each day! I think this could be a great way to get students excited and engaged, especially since they end up grading their own work.

In regards to students grading themselves, does that usually work well? Does it take them a few times to get used to the idea before completing the assignment correctly? Do students react positively to this style of teaching/learning? Is this a technique that should be used sparingly or on a weekly basis? 

Your thoughts and experiences are appreciated!

Reference: High: Gupta, K. (January 1, 2016). Assessment as learning. The Science Teacher, 43-47.

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