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Desiree Blinco Desiree Blinco 2000 Points

Many middle school kids struggle with biology and life science. Life science is a lot of material for students to take in remember for milestone tests. Does anyone have a tool or an activity for summary review?

Sam Ennis Sam Ennis 90 Points

Try using poems to review. There is a free book on amazon kindle called "Life Science in Rhyme." It covers all the DCI for high school life science.

Arjan Harjani Arjan Harjani 565 Points

Hello Sam, Thank pou for your response as well as suggestion about using "Life Science in Rhyme" for classroom use. I will definitely take a look at your resource. have a terrific day and a safe summer. Best,

Stephanie Lobo Stephanie Lobo 435 Points

A cool activity for over the summer can include planting a plant. Something that they can observe over a certain amount of time (2 months) That will keep them active within the whole summer that the students are out of the classroom. -Stephanie L.

Cheryl Ralph Cheryl Ralph 1570 Points

For future reference, I love to play review games with my high school students. We use a website called Students can compete against each other using their phone, tablet or classroom computer. There are several good life science/biology review quizzes there for various topics. You can even download the data and use it to show students which standards they are meeting and which ones they're still striving to meet.

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