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What Are Digital Assets?

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Alex Pavlyuk Alex Pavlyuk 220 Points

I won’t share my experience about management, but what it is I understand . Digital assets are audio files, images, videos, presentations, or any branded media. I understand that managing them is something akin to organizing convenient access to them.

Bad_account Bad_account Bad_account 150 Points

Texts, videos, images, PDF files, spreadsheets, in general, any 'non-physical' values. But their role in modern business is enormous. Therefore, the system for managing such data should be well thought out. After all, its task is to provide access, easy search, distribution and structuring of such assets. I probably won't tell as much detail as , so read the information yourself, it will be better.

Woto Gow Woto Gow 50 Points

Breaking into the computer where your Digital Assets are stored and stealing data and funds, this is something I encountered not too long ago. I've had 2 thefts and one major break-in before. Therefore, I advise you to secure your data beforehand. Just taking it from the internet is not a good solution, while spy software is a well proven security system that I have started to use so that I will not run into the same problems again. I recommend that you take this very seriously, it can save you a lot of time and money.

Clacknesing Kelier Clacknesing Kelier 50 Points

Digital assets are the need of today's generation.

Bob Kean Bob Kean 10 Points

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Thomas Richter Thomas Richter 30 Points

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