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Hands On Experiments During the Pandemic

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Mirela Fejzic Mirela Fejzic 635 Points

Hello everyone. My name is Mirela and I will be teaching my very own classroom next year! From all the insights that I have received from my previous teachers, teaching online seems to come with many challenges. I am a hands on learner, so I am wondering what hands on experiments or activities could be accomplished through Zoom or any other video communication programs? Are students missing out on experiences that can further their interest and understanding of science concepts and topics without hands on experiments during the pandemic? If any teachers are doing hands on experiments, how are students acquiring materials? Are parents involved? Any response, comment, or resource would be greatly appreciated!

Melissa Portillo Melissa Portillo 620 Points

Hi Mirela,

I am a hands on learner as well! Although with zoom there are limited things that can be done, I did find two websites that have some experiments/activities that the students can do on their own while on zoom with the class. (Link #1: and Link #2: I feel that with remote learning students are not receiving the same quality instruction or science experiences as they would with face-to-face classes. I know that some teachers are providing the students with science experiment materials to be able to participate on zoom with the rest of the classroom. My little brother is currently in middle school and is in a science class. He is on zoom wednesday-Friday, but Monday & Tuesdays he is online using zoom. His science class is in person, but knows a couple friends that have it online. Before doing an experiment on zoom the teacher communicates with the students and allows them to pick up the materials, in the front office, needed for the experiement. I hope that the links I provided you with are helpful. 

Justen Hug Justen Hug 505 Points

Melissa, great examples of utilizing zoom with free online interactive databases. I had to teach a predator vs. prey lesson for 5th grade, and I used this as for my activity. It provides the students to create their own scenario and the kids were engaged throughout. 

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