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Darryl Hodges Darryl 340 Points

Hello everyone! My name is Darryl Hodges, and I am a semester away from becoming a first-year teacher. As I progress through student teaching, I am learning how important planning and preparation is for effective teaching. I recently planned a lesson for science where the preparation simply was not there. During my observation, I felt unprepared to deliver this science lesson. My question to this forum is how do you know that your science instruction was planned thoughtfully? Also, how do you determine if your science instruction was effective? 

Merlin Talor Merlin 20 Points

Delivering thoughtful science instruction requires careful planning and assessment. Effective planning involves aligning lesson objectives with curriculum standards, preparing engaging activities, and anticipating student responses. To assess effectiveness, observe student engagement and comprehension during the lesson, and use formative assessments to determine progress. Adjustments based on learner feedback and assessment results will help you improve further instruction. I also recommend that you read this article on the blog I hope it helps you!

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