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Gwenevere Jones Gwenevere Jones 3186 Points

It would seem that this would be an excellent way to develop scientific thinking . I plan on incorporating this into my classroom procedures. I'm interested in how other teachers approach it.

Mary Hess Mary Hess 6190 Points

Hi Bwenevere,

I agree that the Daily Dos are an excellent opportunity to learn from best teaching practices. Have you used any in your classroom? If so, did you have a favorite? I haven't used any yet since I discovered these after school ended. Any recommendations are welcome.


Mathew Balybin Mathew Balybin 65 Points

4th grade multiplication worksheets are an excellent way to practice your students' math skills. You can choose to practice two or three digit numbers. There are also worksheets that use partial products, such as 24 x 10 and 24 x 2 (which adds up to 240+48). Then, try to solve a problem involving multiple digits, such as 324 x 2.

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