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Payton Brown Payton Brown 180 Points

Hi everyone,

I am currently a pre-service teacher at the University of Arkansas and will be doing some lessons with my kindergarten placement class. I would love some ideas on a lesson about weather, solar systems, or really anything! I don't want to do something that is too complicated or advanced because they are so young. Thanks for your help!

Kyli Bumbray Kyli Bumbray 1708 Points

Hey Payton,

I am also a pre-service teacher and am looking into lessons surrounding weather. There is one lesson that I have used before and think it is fun and hands on. It is about weather and specifically rain. Basically, you have the students create their own rain clouds. You would take cotton balls, blue colored water, and eye droppers. You can do this with the class or do it so they can just observe. Basically, you would drop the water into the cotton ball until it is saturated and the water falls back out making rain drops!

Min Jeong (Esther) Lee Ester Lee 750 Points

Hi Payton, 

I think lessons on weather and sustainable energy would be a great concept for students to begin learning from a young age.  The context of flow of energy and how solar were from a very high levels concept should do.  Just to understand the idea should help the students get more familiar with how these sytems can help the planet they live in.

Kristine Huang Kristine Huang 865 Points

Hi Payton!

I'm also a pre-service teacher in a kindergarten classroom. I found that finding simple, yet engaging and hands-on activities are the best way to go with young children. With the NGSS and the 5E model, I found it really helpful in creating a lesson that'll be suitable for the age group. I am currently creating a lesson plan on needs of plants and will be teaching this lesson in two weeks. My lesson will cover the germination process of seeds as well (This could be in another future lesson as well). Best of luck with your lessons!

Chloe Murphy Chloe Murphy 615 Points

Hi Payton, 

I am also a preservice teacher from Hawaii. Weather is a great science topic for kindergartners because it is relevant to their lives. It affects what they will wear for school, if they can jump in puddles, or throw a snowball. Or in the case of Hawaii, whether the surf will be good afterschool. So I would advise making a hands on experience. Our children need fewer worksheets about weather, and more chances to feel the thrill of rain streaming down their face. So let them go outside and observe the weather, than have them reflect on their experience. They could reflect by writing or drawing, singing, there are many options. But most importantly, don't tell them about the weather, let them hear, taste, touch and smell the weather. 

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