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Jordan Downing Jordan Downing 320 Points

Hello, everyone! 

My name is Jordan Downing and I am from Waverly, IA. I am currently a third year student at Wartburg College. I play football here at Wartburg and am also the 9th Grade Basketball Coach at the high school in Waverly. I am on pace to graduate with my all science endorsement. 

As a future educator, what is some advice that some of you have for me to build up my resume while I am in college? Are there groups to join that would benefit me greatly? Leadership positions to seek out?

Any advice on how to make myself the most competitive candidate possible when applying for positions in a couple year would be greatly appreciated! Thank you very much!

Pamela Dupre Pamela Dupre 92369 Points

Hi Jordan. Congratulations on pursuing a teaching degree, especially in the area of science. I'm sure you've been told by coaches when you were a student athlete that you have to be well- rounded. The same is true as a teacher. If you are pursuing a science teaching position you need to join some science groups. Go directly to the engineering and technology departments on campus. Ask if they do any outreach at the local high schools to recruit students into the engineering department. ( Hopefully, your university has one.) Find out about any local or state science organizations. Are there businesses in your area that are going into schools to do hands on science labs with students in all grades? We have a group called the Kiwanis Club and professional people meet, plan, and purchase materials to do experiments with elementary kids. 
Check out the EV Nautilus. It's a ship with people from all walks of life mapping the ocean floor under the direction of Dr. Robert Ballard- he found the Titanic.  You can apply to go onboard the ship for a week! Google it. 
I have no WiFi because of Hurricane Laura or I would share the link.  Once you begin looking you will find many opportunities for professional development.  Even if the description states that you must currently be teaching, apply anyway. Explain your situation, show your passion! They really want people who want to participate and go out and share what they have learned. 
Good luck to you and I have a feeling you will go out there and get what you're after.  

Jordan Downing Jordan Downing 320 Points



These are all great suggestions! Thank you so much for the suggestions. I will have to look into the EV Nautilus. It is a great idea to get involved with certain outreach groups that are present here on campus. To be completely honest with you, I hadn't thought about that, I just assumed that our field experiences were enough! Thanks again!!

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