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Ariel Reno-Demick Ariel Reno-Demick 1005 Points

Hi all! Every week, I run STEAM activities for the my school's afternoon tutoring program. I spend 30 minutes witch each of the three age groups: 1st-3rd grad, 4th-5th grade, and 6th-7th grade. I like to do science experiments for them, but a lot of the fun, quick little activities with inezpensive materials that fit into this time slot are paired with scientific explanations that are just too complex for the little ones. They still have fun with them, but they do not truly get to learn anything. Does anyone have any suggestions for experiments/activities that would be both engaging and educational for all three age groups? Thank you in advance!

Mary Lynn Hess Mary Hess 12358 Points

Hi Ariel. What an exciting job you have.

Attached are some engaging science experiments. For the little ones they will be curious and engaged. For the older students, have them explain their thinking with evidence. 

Another thought, maybe the older students can design and teach the younger ones. This will help the older students build confidence and be role models for others.


Engaging Science Experiments (External Website)

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