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Mary Nelson Mary Nelson 60 Points

As a student teacher I am looking for ways to take boring textbook science lessons and turn them into engaging lessons that students will remember and use. 

Hannah Brumley Hannah Brumley 2235 Points

I was in a second-grade classroom for one of my teaching levels. The teacher said the same thing about how she disliked the lessons in the textbook. What she did was came up with different ways to be able to show the classroom the lesson. One day she would do the experiment and have the students try to explain why it happened. Another day she would have the students do a hands-on activity. I thought it was really interesting that she did it, but she got the students engaged. I wasn't sure if they were going to be engaged when just the teacher did it but they were. They were the ones trying to come up with why that happened and asking lots of questions. I would say definitely hands-on! Which will help with all the students helping out and being fully engaged in the lesson. 

Ashley GIbson Ashley GIbson 775 Points

Hi Mary,

I think that the best way to transform a lesson is by making it hands-on. When science is hands-on, students tend to remember the class and the lesson more. Also, I would recommend working on interesting attention getters (sets) before starting a lesson to really introduce the topic in a fun, interactive, and exciting way.


Ashley Gibson

Jeannette Grout Jeannette Grout 390 Points

I think a great and simple way to make your lessons more engaging is with class discussions. These can incorporate more inquiry into the lessons by allowing students to work together to discover the answer to the questions posed. For example, the class could discuss traits of living things and work together to make a list of traits from living things they’ve observed. You could have the students discuss the questions posed with a partner before calling on students to answer so that all students get to participate. You can incorporate movement into the class discussions, such as by having them find different partners. Another way to make the lessons more engaging is by connecting the content to the student’s prior knowledge and making it relate to them more. For example, if talking about life cycles, you could have the students discuss life cycles they have observed. Incorporating nature when possible would also make the lessons engaging, such as having students observe or look for something outside or by bringing nature into the classroom with flower dissection or studying live insects.

Jacqueline Garcia Jacqueline Garcia 10 Points

A way to make textbook lessons fun and engaging is to do hands-on activities. Students will be able to learn more effectively when doing experiments, or watching the teacher. You can also show them fun videos depending on the lesson given that day.

Anne Lowry Anne Lowry 7785 Points

There are many approaches to adapting textbooks; you will have to see which work best for you and which work best for each specific group of students.  One way to to look at the textbook material through the NGSS lens.  What is the content you need to cover?  Include the Science and Engeineering Practices in all of your lessons; look for applicable cross-cutting concepts

Also, look at integrating the science in with other topics.  Add music, art, and stories.  Have your stduents write themselves into stories covering the content.  Find examples of how the content in used in everyday life.

Sorry that these ideas are vague.  But think about your content and then search the learning center library.  I bet you will come up with many ways to adapt



Makayla Walters Makayla Walters 45 Points

I ALWAYS reccomend trying to get the students to engage in the concept they are channeling using a hands on activity! This can be something as simple as building with cubes, popsicle sticks, etc. or heading outside for an observation! Channeling those different kinds of learners are going to give them something their minds will grasp onto, which they can then build their knowledge that comes from the worksheets/books onto! 

Yes, that's great. I bought some books that can offer and has a n actual works and activity that they will love and enjoy doing things that there time can keep busy for while and having fun especially in summer that can learn and educate them or our kids.

Jeannette Grout Jeannette Grout 390 Points

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