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Quick Lesson for First Day of School

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Mary Lynn Hess Mary Hess 12358 Points

Hi all,

Happy new school year! I'm looking for a short quick lesson (10-30 min) to serve as an ice breaker for elementary science on the first day of school. Any suggestions?


Eunice Zepeda Eunice Zepeda 510 Points

My Science Professor asked us to do a discussion on BB that is titled science about me, we were to answer only one question. I think if it were to be used with students and have them do all of the questions and share it but their peers it would work great as an Ice Breaker. I will attach something similar.


Science About Me (0.05 Mb)

Science About Me (0.05 Mb)

Leslie Corpus Leslie Corpus 560 Points

Thats a great activity Eunice! My professor gave us the same one on our first week this semester. It engages the students by getting them to think about the word science and maybe even its connotations, while letting them express somethings about themselves. they would also have fun if they can color the drawings!


Sophia MacGregor Sophia MacGregor 2140 Points

I really like this idea for the new school year.

Marian Arcos Marian Arcos 640 Points

Hello Eunice,

Thank you for sharing. We also had this activity at the beginning of the semester with our Science Professor and I think it would be great for our future little students as well, it will help them to develop social skills while sharing with other students. 

Mary Lynn Hess Mary Hess 12358 Points

Very clever post Eunice.

Thanks for sharing!

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