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New AZ Standards

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Arizona developed new science standards over the past 2 years and finalized/published them last October.   The biggest challenge with these standards is that they're adding a test  (that we know nothing about and won't count for the students) at  the end of their junior year which will cover all the standards (Bio, Earth Science, Chemistry, Physics).  Meaning we have to get all 4 sets of standards in within 3 years.  


As our district curriculum coach likes to point out...they settled on 3 Chemistry standards. (basically she wants to make chemistry an earth science class...)  However, in my opinion the standards are vague and cover a huge amount of material.

The three standards are'

1. Develop and use models to explain the relationship of the structure of atoms to patterns and properties observed within the periodic table and describe how these models are revised with new evidence.

2. Develop and use models for the transfer or sharing of electrons to predict the formation of ions, molecules, and compounds.

This is probably the most interesting one to me.  

3.  'Ask questions, plan & Carry Out Investigations to explore the cause and effect relationship between reaction rate factors'


As chemistry folks...what topics do you feel need to be taught for standard #3 in order to effectively meet that standard?  

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