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Brianna Moreno Brianna Moreno 380 Points

Hello, future educator here! Im wanting advice on how to create a lesson plan. I always find it difficult to do them. I feel as id I lack creativity, any advice is greatly apprreciated!

Samantha Stallings Samantha Stallings 1425 Points

Hi there! I was also struggling with this during my student teaching. I always was insecure about if my lesson was engaging enough or if the kids would even remember my lesson if it wasn't creative enough. Genuinely, I think the best way to plan a lesson is to follow the NGSS 5 E lesson plan template. Teaching science is supposed to be eye-opening and this lesson plan template allows you to cover engaging the students, having the students explore the topic, having a section of time to explain the topic, allows the students to elaborate on their learning by doing an extension activity and to evaluate for the students for their learning. Where I usually do something fun and engaging as well as being creative is the exploring part of the lesson. I typically have my students do something hands-on whether that be a lab or a scavenger hunt. My students love being out of their seats and DOING science and I see the benefit in their scores on assessments. I hope this helps! 

Mylo Fisherman Mylo Fisherman 230 Points

Hello, fellow future educator. One thing I found super helpful when lesson planning is looking at different lesson plan templates. You can incorporate what you need/what is appropriate for the lesson at hand from all the different lesson plan templates or just use one. I attached a document my professor shared with me with different lesson plan templates. also has a ton of lesson plans for free (They are also really cute!)


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