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Free NGSS Solar System workshop

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Exploring the Solar System with Rubin Observatory

Sept. 24, 11:00 am - 4:00 pm EDT

Sponsored by the IAU Office of Astronomy Education and Vera C. Rubin Observatory

Rubin Observatory has developed a suite of classroom-tested free online investigations that enable students to explore real data using a unique combination of interactive visualization and analysis tools. The investigations are designed for novice learners from advanced middle school through the introductory college level and cover topics commonly taught in introductory astronomy classes or units. They require only a computer with access to the internet. 

This workshop will unpack how to teach all of the components of our new Solar System investigation from an NGSS perspective. The investigation uses the characteristics of a variety of small bodies to apply principles from Kepler’s Laws, Newton’s Laws, and gravity, and to provide evidence for the theory ofSolar System formation.

We will begin with the phenomenon, then work through the online investigation, while modeling various assessment tools and strategies. You will also have an opportunity to discuss ideas with colleagues on how to successfully integrate this lesson into your classroom. Certificates of participation for 5 professional development hours may be awarded to those who participate in the entire workshop in real-time.

Register for this free workshop by Sept. 22:


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