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Kid friendly science shows!

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Mia Ramirez Mia Ramirez 440 Points

Hello! I was hoping to recieve some recommendations for science shows or movies that are child friendly. I know most of us are very familiar with the successful animated series, "The Magic School Bus" or "Bill Nye the Science Guy", but does anyone know of any current series with a focus on science that is popular with elementary level students? Can't wait to hear your recommendations, thank you!

Mary Hess Mary Hess 6190 Points

Hi Mia, I ran across this link that rates science shows for kids. Also, if you are studying animals, there are plenty of live/recorded web cams for students to watch and collect data. One of my kids favorites is Cornell Lab FeederWatch.  It's facinating to see all the different type of birds that stop by the feeders.


Science Shows (External Website)

Jonathan Fisher Jonathan Fisher 60 Points

Hi! My colleagues and I make planetarium shows about the brain through the neurodome project (neurodome.org). We also have turned some of the content into virtual reality that you can view with a mobile phone (using Google Cardboard). Here's a link to that 360-degree version, which kids can explore with phones/ipads:


I'll leave this public for a while. Otherwise, it's distributed through Loch Ness Productions if you want higher resolution, or for an actual dome (here's their link).



Gwendolyn Silvers Gwendolyn Silvers 10 Points

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