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How to Activate plex.tv/link on your Smart TV.

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Mark Brown Mark Brown 50 Points

Before proceeding with this Just be sure that your plex.tv/link server is working and you've created your account at Plex.tv.

Steps to Activate Plex.


This is how you connect your big screen devices like Android TV, Smart TV, and Apple TV, etc. Like you, entering your password on such devices isn't easy. To avoid the hassle of typing in your Password on these devices Plex and other services like YouTube Use this four-character login code to sign in to your account.

On your TV , select the Sign In Option on the screen/
Then, you'll be seeing a four-character code displayed on your TV screen. This code is which will be used to sign in.
Visit https //plex.tv/link using a computer or Smartphone. You can enter your Plex account details on the page and then sign in into it.
Once you are logged in it will ask for the 4-character code. It will appear upon your TV Screen. Enter the code in the box and click"Send.
Once you are done with all four steps. Your Plex application on your TV will restart and be linked directly to your accounts. This could take a few seconds.

Paul Anderson Paul Anderson 70 Points

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