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Hilary De Vos Hilary de Vos 1375 Points

Looking back on your past year, what has been the hardest concept for you to teach you children (science or otherwise). I'm curious as to how you handled teaching that concept.

Jerrica Millon jerrica millon 340 Points

Math has been the hardest for me! I find that something as easy as graphing a point on a coordinate grid can be really difficult to teach. Something that has really helped me is looking over the content beforehand and thinking about what issues students might have difficulty understanding beforehand. I also go around and see what students are struggling with during their independent practice, and if I need to I stop and reteach the concept half way through. I also ask for help from my guide teacher because I am a student teacher. I think talking to the other grade level teachers and asking for suggestions is really helpful (especially from veteran teachers!)

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