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Pre-Service Teacher in need of advice and ideas

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Christina Tran Christina Tran 260 Points

Hi! I'm a second year pre-service teacher and for our STEM class, we are to create a STEM lesson plan incorporating at least two of the components from STEM (science, technology, engineering, and/or mathematics).

I need advice and ideas on how can I create a STEM lesson plan using the 5E model geared towards 6th graders. They are currently learning about energy and how energy is used in science. 

Thank you!

Jesslynn Preston Jesslynn Preston 645 Points

Hi Christina!! 

One thing that you can do to teach students about how energy is used in science is to start off the lesson by showing them that energy is in everything. We need energy for everything. You can show them this by turning off the light, by doing this, you're visually showing them that you need light to see during our lessons in the classroom. After you give them a few examples, you could have them work with their table partner and list all of the things that they use at home that requires energy. As a pre-assessment, you could give them a quick question such as 'what is energy, and why would we need it?'. This would serve as a way to get to know where your students are at and if you have to adjust your lesson according to what their responses are. Another thing you could to is get an energy ball and gather them into a circle. Once you have gathered them into a circle, get the student next to you to touch the energy ball while you are holding it. What happens is that because we are transferring our energy to someone else, the energy ball should light up and make a noise due to the reaction. using the 5E model is a bit challenging for a one day lesson, especially with upper grade students. You may have to split this into a two day lesson plan to incorporate all of the 5E's Hope this helps! 


Haunani Preston

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