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Tina Lin Tina Lin 210 Points

Hello all!

I am currently a pre-service teacher in a 1st grade classroom in a school with no set or requried curriculum for science and social studies. I want to do about a 30 minute lesson with my students where i can either teach science or social studies incoporated with one other subject. I was hoping for some good ideas. I already was thinking of teaching about non-living and living things and then have them copy statements down with me. 

Mary Lynn Hess Mary Hess 12258 Points


A good springboard for first graders is reading a good book and give them a sentence starter to reflect. NSTA just put out STEM books of they year.

You can also go outside to make notices and wonders. This may give you some ideas of what the kids are interested in and create a lesson.

Have fun!


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Bruse Dronse Bruse Dronse 40 Points

I would recommend adding some outdoor activities, as kids and teens like them. Remembering my last class, I often do some walks with them and lessons outside. That's much more effective than sitting in the classroom for hours. I even allowed them to use this source for some writing tasks to spend the free time they got thanks to it on some park. That's important to go with education in different ways. It develops creativity in students.

Scott Campbell Scott Campbell 10 Points

Thanks for the suggestions.

Joanne Thomson Joanne Thomson 50 Points

hmmm, I don't know...

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