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Daniela Guzman Daniela Guzman 95 Points

Nowadays, it can get parents involved in their children´s schoolwork, especially those parents who work full-time or those who did not get the appropriate education to help students. When these kinds of cases appear, how can we as educators help parents and students help each other? How can we apply it online?.

Kayleen Zamora Kayleen Zamora 130 Points

There is much that can be done to so parents and teachers can help one another. For one, constant communication is key. Secondly, keeping tabs on what each student has accomplished, needs work on, and topics / subjects that have not even been attempted by the student. Parents should know exactly where there child stands. Communication must happen with each and every parent and there should be some sort of process established from the beginning of the school year as to how parents can consistently be updated on their child. Parents should also understand how it works.

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