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Amanda Cruz Amanda Cruz 520 Points

Hi there everyone, my question is about Solar Systems. I know this topic isn't introduced or mentioned much in very early childhood but I have a three year old that is so fascinated with the solar system. Other than songs, is there any other activites I can do with the really young children that will interest them?

Yesenia Chaires Yesenia Chaires 420 Points

Solar system poster, create a representation of the solar system that introduces the planets and their order from the sun. The creation of a poster of the solar system inspires kids to conduct investigations and learn more about the physical characteristics of each planet.

Makaela Castillo Makaela Castillo 370 Points

Hi Amanda, I think that one way you could help your son or any young child learn more about the Solar System is by using different colors of playdoh and molding it to look like the different planets. Then you can work together to place them in the order they orbit around the sun.

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