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How teachers can be advocates for science in an elementary school classroom.

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Claire Jackson Claire Jackson 1320 Points

Hi, I am a junior in college studying elementary education. Reflecting on my own elemtary school experience and knowing what I do today, science is a subject that is often short-changed at the elementary level. Its a subject that teachers have to integrate with math or ELA lessons. Integration of multiple subjects into one lesson plan is an extremely helpful way to approach diverse subjects and that's awesome. But my question is, how can teachers advocate for the sciences in their classroom, school and in their students homes? To allow for more time learning about the sciences during the school day, to have access to better science materials from their school to use in their classroom and to reach parents at home who might be indifferent to what their child is learning or be more concerned about their child learning other topics first? 

Kathy Renfrew Kathy Renfrew 37148 Points


You are right on the money.This is a huge issue in many of our schools today and one that needs to be dealt with immediately. I talk about this issue whenever the opportunity arises.. One of my messages to parents, teachers and administrators is that quality science instruction is every child's right, it's not a privilege. 

Another message :Phenomenon-driven science can also help create more equitable learning environments because everyone is experiencing the same thing at the same time. They are all trying to figure out something together.


Hope this is helpful



Jeniffer De Leon Jeniffer De Leon 180 Points

Hello Claire 

I am also a junior studying elementary education and I think a way to advocate for science in classrooms is to incorporate in the classroom in general. From personal experiences while growing up I didn't like science because it was difficult for me, and most of the teachers I had bored me. So to me making the classroom vibe fun while learning science can engages the students attention towards science. To advocate science at home, a way is to communicate with parents and try to encourage them to work with the children with their homeworks, activites, etc. 

I hope my answer can help you out a little. 

Jeniffer De Leon 

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