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Maura Purcell Maura Purcell 1250 Points

Hello all,


I'm teaching HS in the rual foothills of CA. Reaching out for any advise for online instruction in rual areas. Mt district sent out chrombooks to all students but I am still hearing about lack of bandwidth, poor internet quality excetera. Many students don't have smartphones either. How are we to handle it? I have all but given up on even including video recording in lessons for the lack a streaming ablities. 



M. Purcell

Erik Lucas Erik Lucas 695 Points

Hey Maura!

My district is doing something very similar. The district is passing out devices (chromebooks), and is working with local ISPs to provide hotspots for internet access for families without internet.

Sharnae Pegues Sharnae Pegues 510 Points

My county's school system is giving out chromebooks to the students as well. I think providing material would be best like the video recordings you're doing. Make it so that the students wouldn't need to worry about not having internet in order to get the best out of each lesson.


Some rural areas (and urban) have turned to TV for teaching; using PBS programs, actual teacher channels, since most people have a TV. While this isn't the best for interacting with one's students, it is one way to deliver instruction. Of course, paper packets, paper instructions to go to TV should be available.

Mengfei Zheng Mengfei Zheng 720 Points

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