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The 5E lesson plan

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Chloe Robello Chloe Murphy 715 Points

I am a preservice teacher for kindergarteners, I am struggling with creating a lesson plan that has all 5 Es in it. While also keeping it simple enough for them to udnerstand what is going on. I know I can create a lesson with a couple of the Es but all 5 is hard for me. I am not there all week long so I dont see how my mentor does all 5Es I only see them Wednesdays and Thursdays so it makes it hard for me to create a lesson without seeing all in action. I am working through and trying to make the best out of the other 3 Es I miss during the week and building my 2 Es I have seen as the big picture of the lesson so when I do teach my lessont the big pciture is taught through my biggest strength through the Es I understand the most. Any advice on lessons that easily incoorperate all 5Es?

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